This site thinks about the apocalypse from a gamer’s perspective, and a gardener’s. Having fun with it, but also doing some real-life self-sufficient moves.

I’ve been a fan of zombie movies and post-apocalyptic scenarios all my life. When the survival games genre took off with games like 7 Days to Die and Banished, I dove in head-first. I’ve been playing 7 Days since its Kickstarter launch, and the only game in my Steam library that I’ve earned Platinum on is Banished. I’m a die-hard Bethesda fan, so Fallout 4 is right up there, too.

I live in zone 5b, southern New Hampshire. I’ve also been a gardener for a long time, but never had much luck with it until COVID came along. Lockdown forced me to pay more attention to my garden, watering regularly among other things, and that was KEY. My garden now consists of a 4×16 foot bed, a 4×8 foot bed, a 2×12 foot bed, and a lot of containers. Plus wherever I can sneak in a rogue pumpkin vine that will go unrecognized until it’s too late to make me remove it. It’s not a ton of space, but it’s enough to tide me over until I realize the dream of a bigger garden on an acre or two of land. And some chickens. Some day.

I was already doing home fermenting, canning, and dehydrating, the only difference now is that I finally have my OWN crops to do it with.

So that’s what you’ll find here. I do more gardening than gaming these days, but I expect as winter sets in, I’ll be gaming more in the off-season.